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I can help you optimize your existing online business or turn your dream of owning your own company into reality. My service is creative, individual and can be tailored to your own needs thanks to my extensive know-how & network. Let’s talk and achieve your goals together! Feel free to contact me for a non-binding consultation.

My service

Authentic, creative, aesthetic.

WordPress & Elementor Websites

Are you looking for a modern and aesthetic website that perfectly reflects your personality and your company? Or do you already have an existing site and want a complete makeover? I will design your individual website according to your wishes and implement it using WordPress and Elementor.

Creative, modern, interesting.

Social-Media-Management & UGC

Are you looking for support with your social media aaccounts? Which platforms suit you and your target group, how do you create a content calendar and content that actually works?

Or do you need someone with a creative eye for photography and videography to create unique content for your brand? Then get in touch with me and we'll work out your individual strategy.


Strong, personal, unique.

Brand consulting

Are you looking for all-round support for your digital brand? Personal branding, web design, website creation, support with copywriting & SEO. Which photos should go on your website and what about social media? We got you! Together with a comprehensive network of freelancers, we can provide you with all-round support.


Learn from me

For all entrepreneurs who want more than just a job.

In my ideal world, we all lead a fulfilled life full of love and happiness. To get a little closer to this ideal, I am constantly developing new offers for entrepreneurs. Here you will find various resources, courses and freebies that will make your life as an entrepreneur easier or empower you to go your own way.

Everything I create incorporates holistic aspects – especially your mental health plays a big role. Because your soul, emotions and everything that moves you can’t be separated from your business. My offers are therefore all aimed at achieving a healthy life-work balance.

Hey! Ich bin Denise.


Hey! I'm

Welcome dreamer!

I left my secure job as an executive assistant to pursue a career as a self-employed digital nomad.

Today I work with great people in a job that fulfills me creatively, spiritually and financially! I feel at home all over the world and believe in a fulfilling life. When I’m not working on a new art project (a website), I’m on my yoga mat or hopefully on a beautiful beach.