What is your network all about? How can I benefit from different experts?

I work with a select network of creatives, freelancers and agencies.

In order to provide my clients with the best possible support, I like to cooperate with these people, whose expertise ranges from social media, design or software development to PR. This means we can also advise you on topics or take on tasks that lie outside my personal expertise.

In turn, this saves you having to search for additional support and allows you to concentrate on your main business.

Why can't I book different packages with you, but only an "overall concept" for a website or my brand development?

My clients hire me because they trust my expertise to bring their vision to life.

I create websites and brands that not only reflect my clients’ values and ideas, but also look damn good.

Behind the scenes, we’ve explored all possible options together to tell your story and finally settle on the concept that best showcases your vision. That’s why every collaboration is an individual package and cannot be generalized.

What does your creative process look like?

Brand building is at the heart of my work as a strong foundation. My goal is to build long-term partnerships with clients like you who are looking for a stress-free and personalized experience.

I know how precious your dreams are, which is why I am so invested in each of my projects. I take the time to understand your passion, your unique story and the specifics of your business so that together we can create something that will fulfill you in the long run.

When is your website service and when is brand consulting right for me? What's the difference?

If you only want a new or redesigned website, then my website service is right for you.

If, on the other hand, you want to build a holistic (personal) brand, including website, social media and strategy consulting, brand photoshoot, advertising strategy and everything else that goes into a successful brand, then my brand consulting is the right solution.

Both can be individually tailored to your needs and implemented. I am your contact person, but you will receive the same services as if you were working with a full-service agency if we cooperate with other experts from my network for your project.

Let's get creative!

Grab a chai latte and let’s chat! Whether you’re newly self-employed or have been in business for years, I’ll help you create a brand that fulfills you and brings you joy.